Raw Moments

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These are moments that are not filtered or processed; they are everyday images.

-doing homework
-mowing the lawn
-grabbing breakfast
-reading in bed

My life is full of sorrow, hurt, and struggles, but filled with the joy and love Jesus brings. There are moments of struggle and moments of pure joy and laughter. This is life for me as it really is. We argue; Jesus gives us mercy and patience. Tears of sorrow run down our cheek; Jesus comforts us. We make mistakes; Jesus helps us learn and push through. Our bodies and souls are weak; Jesus gives us strength.



IMG_5207 IMG_5198IMG_5245 IMG_5202this is a day where i lazily sit. i look at old photos. i dream. i read quotes upon quotes. i ponder and wonder. 

i think, ‘life is an extraordinary and mysterious thing and God has chosen me to live in this life’



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///There is sunshine in my soul today///

some of my thoughts lately…

i. gourmet fresh popsicles…mmmmmm
ii. humility is hard
iii. observe people around you to see the how they respond to different circumstances – its eye opening
iv. music is for dancing
v. how amazing it is to be alive in a world with a God like ours
vi. siblings are your best friends even if you don’t realize
vii. we need less house and more home
viii. you can cry from happiness
xi. there is so much to love about a pictures and composing them