little things

June 28

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Little things I discovered on June 28 while in MO:

i. raindrops on roses
ii. curb puddles to splash in
iii. fresh green
iv. sweet dogs
v. dancing and leaping
vi. birds on a telephone line

Blackberry Pickin’

IMG_5638IMG_5637 IMG_5639 IMG_5646 IMG_5695IMG_5693 A picker A bucket A blackberry patch The highlight of June is every time my Granddad call us up and asks, “Wanna go blackberry pickin’ on Friday?’ Its a tradition we have been doing for over 5 years. We drive out to the patch and pick till our buckets are full or till we are a sweaty mess. Than we go home and have ice cream with blackberries, pancakes with blackberries, yogurt with blackberries, and plain blackberries for snack till they are all gone and we are throughly tiered of them. June rolls along again and we long for blackberries once more. Emma