little things

The little things in life that go unnoticed.


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‘little things’ list continued:

spring break. cousins. fires. s’mores. sticking your head out the window. music on the radio. yellow fields. rain on feet. puddles. stealing cookie dough.  taking a thousand photos. selfies. crayons and blank pages. sunny days. siblings’ laughter.

Little Things


There are so many little thing to be happy about; the little things in life that go unnoticed. So I have grabbed inspiration from Carlotta Cisternas and started a ‘little things’ list.

little thing number one: Plants. I love indoor plants, especially  . The only indoor plant I have write know is a science experiment (above). I could go on about the experiment, but all you need to know is the experiment has to do with how plants need sun…etc… Anyway, I came to love my little radish sprouts! I love green living plants in the house it adds a freshness to the atmosphere. Right now I am trying to plant my own little garden in my bedroom with plants on the bookshelves and plants on the windowsill. Want to inspired? Then check out my Pinterest board!


little thing number two: Cups and cups of tea…nuff’ said.

little thing number three: Beds with piles of blankets on. I love to snuggle into bed with piles and heaps for blankets. Right now I think I have five different blankets piled onto my bed. Since I like to be able to jump into my cozy heap any time of the day, my bed usually does not get made….


little thing number four: Music. Right now I am learning guitar, and I am not great (yet).


little thing number five: Eyes that smile and laugh! When I ask people to smile for the camera, I usually get some gorgeous smiles, but i know I have hit a gem of a photo when I see their eyes light up and express everything that they are not saying.

Anything that makes you smile?