The Pacific || Portraits

IMG_4679 IMG_4661 IMG_4684 IMG_4711 IMG_4703 IMG_4734 IMG_4750 IMG_4755 IMG_4765 IMG_4721 IMG_4722 IMG_4663 IMG_4741 IMG_4769

The very first picture taken of Adelie in Amelia Island was a picture of her head going into the water. As soon as we reached Amelia Island we all ran to the water to claim that we touched the Pacific. I was the first one in, but Adelie was the first one under. I will not embarrass her by posting the picture my mom happened to take, but it is a picture of her head under the water, her legs are in the air, and her shirt is still dry. None of us knew there was a picture of Adelie getting soaked till we upload the pictures. It should win an award for funniest picture of the year or something… Anyway I did get some gorgeous photos of Adelie on the beach and with a purple scarf of mine. Adelie is the only one who like to pose for me, so I end up taking lots of photos of her.

My inspiration for the scarf came from these photos, when I showed my sister the pictures her first thought was, “She is sooo pretty!”. Adelie, you are beautiful, too.

xoxo Emma



  1. Aw, yes, your sister is beautiful! Lol, that sounds like a funny picture. Going under in the ocean is one of my biggest fears! But that doesn’t stop me from laughing when my siblings fall in, hehe! (as long as I am sure they are okay)

  2. I love that last part; because it’s true, Adelie IS beautiful. Even when with her windblown hair all over her face. 😉
    This is probably my favorite post of yours. =)


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