The Beach || Portraits

IMG_4486 IMG_4454 IMG_4457 IMG_4458 IMG_4445 IMG_4447 IMG_4495 IMG_4482 IMG_4475IMG_4499

I love you, Adelie. The whole week we were at the beach she kept on begging me to take her pictures, so we fit in two little mini session as well as a ton of photos in between. I love her smile and the way she changes poses every 3 seconds. She is my little seashell hunter.

xoxo Emma



  1. I love the way your sister wrinkles her nose sometimes when she smiles!
    Ah, don’t you just love taking pictures of people who are completely at ease and relaxed? Not worried about how they look, or if they’re “doing it right”? and if it’s your sister too, that’s an added bonus!
    I love all of these. ❤


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