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Rules for Self Discovery:

1. What we want most;
2. What we think about most;
3. How we use our money;
4. What we do with our leisure time;
5. The company we enjoy;
6. Who and what we admire;
7. What we laugh at.

— A.W. Tozer

As I slowly read this quote I went through my responses. I want to know God. I think about life and sorrows. I spend my money on my camera, I save, and give a little. I spend my leisure time by going through stacks of books and wasting the rest. I enjoy the company of good friends, cousins, and my mom. I admire many people. Too many to count, but I find myself drawn to those who act politely and respectfully to all ages and have a heart for the Lord. I laugh all day at almost anything, especially with my friends. 

From those few facts about me and some others I know to be true I conclude that I am a girl who ponders, who has no time management skills, who sins, who admires those who have traits that she struggles with, who loves, who wants to please the Lord, and who cries like everyone else.

(Inspired by Carlotta)


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