The song ‘Happy’ is the perfect sumer song. It so wonderful to find a song that makes you want to dance and jump. Someone please tell me that I am not the only one obsessed with it. Anyone else think it is funny that the song is basically a grownup version of ‘If your Happy and You Know It’?  Its the kind of song that you would listen to on a summer night in a car with the windows rolled down. That pictures makes me long for summer. I usually end up wasting my summer when I am not traveling. So, I have compiled a list to ensure that my summer is a refreshing and an energizing summer.

•Learn three skills ||| make homemade bread, garden, sew maxi skirts
•Read ||| Historical books, Jane Austen books, C.S Lewis books, Biographical books, the Bible more
•Write ||| work on essay writing skills, journal more, work on my artistic journal
•Friends ||| make a real effort to plan things with friends, have deep conversations, bond through laughing and crying together
•Photography ||| buy two new lenses, do some more photo shoots, shoot at golden hour, learn to use lightroom



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