Life Goals


Take photos on film. Work with my Dad. Buy a new camera. Listen. Drink lots of tea. Start a garden. Learn to whistle. Play guitar. Take pictures. Laugh lots. Spend a summer in MN. Watch oldies. Sleep on the trampoline. Be a friend. Compose a song or two. Bake lots. Shop at thrift shops. Start an online magazine. Go overseas. Run. Go berry picking every summer. Start a photography business. Dance in the rain. Go through stacks of books. Go stargazing. Love people. Write words that inspire and motivate. Quote people. Go to colleage. Learn a new language. Travel. Explore. Fail and learn. Go on lots of bike rides. Fill journals. Ski. Open a coffee shop. Fall in love. Stay in love. Print photos. Eat healthy. Never stop learning. Sail on lakes. Memorize Psalms. Make a house a home. Cook. Sing. Use elegant words. Photograph what I see. Face trials with faith. Have little feet in the house. Play with them. Kiss and cuddle with them. Travel in an RV.  Breathe. Pick strawberries. Visit lots of art museums. Have a child with curly hair. Have lots of plants inside. Bring cookies to the neighbors. Make a difference. Write a book on my childhood. Mark my Bible to pieces. Own an old house. Make it home. Make lots of bread. Live simply. Have a back porch to eat watermelon on. Plant flowers. Camp in boundary waters. Become a Grandmother. Live and relish the season I am in. 

(inspired by Hannah Nicole)

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