IMG_3673 IMG_3674 IMG_3688 IMG_3693IMG_3680We shopped for seeds. Spring here. The ground is waking up. Its the time for seeds.

seed (siːd)
— n
5. the source, beginning, or germ of anything.

Nothing is quite better in my mind than planting a seed into the ground. Sitting on freshly turned soil with your dirty fingernails and hands drinking a lemonade. You plant, water, and then watch. Day by day you watch thinking how do people acquire green thumbs  till one day you turn around and there it is swaying in the sun. You can learn life lessons from the earth or a seed. C.S. Lewis pointed out that day by day nothing changes maybe a habit here or a lesson learned there, but as you look back over a larger space of time you realize everything has changed. Same with a seed. The grass doesn’t grow when you watch it.



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