This is an open journal of sorts, so I though I would share a little excerpt from my journal:

4/18/14 at 8:23 pm

Today was a sunny day full of bird songs and good moods. Ethan turned eight, and with a birthday comes celebration! 🙂 I remember feeling incredibly old when I was eight. Mom would let me stay home by myself and that was the year I started to bake. Now, as I watch the life of Ethan, eight doesn’t seem as grownup as I felt when I was eight. I was in a hurry to grow up when I was younger, and now I want nothing more than to stay a kid forever. Well, not forever, but more than the three and a half  years I have left.  I feel like a kid, yet in three years I’ll be going to college or something.

On a happier note we went to sonic and got root beer floats and shakes than we played ‘Happy’ as loud as it would go with the windows rolled down. It felt like a summer night with the music, shakes, and a summer breeze. Summer’s around the bend and I want to spend it jumping on the trampoline, trying new dishes, taking lots of pictures, wearing shorts, and going barefoot.




One comment

  1. I feel the exact same thing. All I wanted when i was her age (9) was becoming a grown up, and now… i just want to stay still at the age i am. Beautiful thoughts, as always 🙂

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