The Little Puppy

IMG_2498 IMG_2507 IMG_2528 IMG_2519 IMG_2525IMG_2538Chevy is my adorable and naughty puppy. Everyday I am quite torn on whether I should cuddle him or ignore him. Cuddling him usually wins unless he happens to have eaten my sandwich or worst of all torn the cover of my book. Ever since I was 7 or so I have longed for a dog – any dog! By the way 7 years of pleading to your parents for a dog actually works. ๐Ÿ™‚ Chevy’s birthday is coming up and he will be one (April 14)! By brothers are confusing my little sister by saying he will be seven years old in dog years. When we adopted him his name was Merlinย and he came from a litter of seven (Ash, Blossom, Twinkle, Apache, Banjo, and Scout). Merlin was a nice name, but one of the joys of having a dog is naming him. Hopefully, he isn’t mad at us for changing his name. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everyone wanted to name him Teddy or Truman (we would call him Tru), but one boy didn’t like those names. So, we all put one name in the hat and my name was chosen! I would have put in Teddy, but someone else put it in. His name is officially Chevy Teddy Vogelsang. Love you buddy!



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