The Museum

IMG_1881 IMG_1880 IMG_1889 IMG_1894 IMG_1895 IMG_1902 IMG_1886 IMG_1914 IMG_1915 IMG_1921 IMG_1934 IMG_1935 IMG_1938 IMG_1937 IMG_1940 IMG_1961IMG_1943Whenever family comes down to Texas the moms put their heads together and plan every day to the minute. It is a nice change, because usually we have no time to visit museums and other things. We get stuck in our natural routine with a few trips to Sonic thrown in. After the cousins leave I usually am conflicted by two feeling. I am so utterly tired from all the events and wishing for nothing to happen the whole week, but at the same time I am longing for my cousins to stay with us for another month or two. I probably would opt for the second.

While they were in Texas we visited an art museum. My opinion is that the purpose of an art museum is to show the different cultures, to widen our knowledge, to make known the artists’ talent, and to enjoy the beauty of the art. This museum in Dallas is a little gem of an art exhibit. For not being as famous as the Musee du Lovre, this museum has beautiful collection of paintings and interesting modern art. I just wish that museums would display real paintings from the 20th century instead of a pizza box and a milk carton on top of each other. People call that art!

Who is excited for spring?!? Living in Texas has some advantages. and one of them is that when its spring the weather feels like spring. March, the last of cold months, but instead of snow it brings gusts and gusts of winds and breezes every day. The kind of wind that makes you grab your sweatshirt and let the wind play with your hair. April is warmer with rain showers that are the perfect to dance in with your friends. April is the time to run barefoot in the grass and let the afternoons slip away by reading on a blanket outside. May tastes like strawberries – sweet and warm on your tongue. May is the month where school is forgotten and shoved away with the prospects of summer around the corner.

“Life is good. I don’t say that lightly. Perfect and anxiety-free it is not. But good it is.” – Carlotta Cisternas

Life is good, even if it does not always go they way we want it to.



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